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How to Fix Msvbvm50.dll Errors – Msvbvm50.dll Error Fix

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

What is Msvbvm50.dll?

Msvbvm50.dll is a module that belongs to Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine. This particular DLL file belongs to Virtual Basic version 5.0. Msvbvm50.dll contains the code necessary to run programs written in the Virtual Basic programming language.

Virtual Basic is an event-driven language. With the help of Virtual Basic it’s possible to create simple software with simple graphical user interface and even more complicated programs. Virtual Basic even has the functionality to create DLL files, executables, and ActiveX controls.Inflatable Arch

When everything is working as it should, creating applications in Visual Basic is very easy and goes flawlessly. But if there are errors, such as the msvbvm50.dll error, Visual Basic can become nearly impossible to use.  Here are some tips that will help you fix msvbvm50.dll errors.

What Are the Most Common Msvbvm50.dll Errors?

The most common msvbvm50.dll errors are:

  • “Msvbvm50.dll Not Found”
  • “This application failed to start because Msvbvm50.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”
  • “Cannot find [PATH]\Msvbvm50.dll”
  • “The file Msvbvm50.dll is missing.”
  • “Cannot start [PROGRAM]. A required component is missing: msvbvm50.dll. Please install [PROGRAM] again.”

How to Fix Msvbvm50.dll Errors

The first msvbvm50.dll error fix you should try is simply uninstalling and reinstalling Visual Basic. This will fix the msvbvm50.dll error if a faulty Visual Basic version 5.0 installation was responsible for it.

If reinstalling Visual Basic doesn’t help, this could mean that the corrupted msvbvm50.dll file needs to be replaced. Replacing DLL files is easy – all you need to do is go to a reliable DLL download website, find msvbvm50.dll and then download msvbvm50.dll. Then unpack the ZIP archive with the DLL file and put it in the folder where Visual Basic is installed.

Another thing you should do to fix msvbvm50.dll errors is to use registry repair software. Msvbvm50.dll errors can occur if there are missing or corrupter references in the Windows registry. If you leave them unfixed, the problem will only become worse and you will not be able to use Visual Basic Virtual Machine at all. Moreover, your whole system may become corrupter and you may even need to do a disk format and reinstall Windows if you don’t apply the msvbvm50.dll fix. Simply find a reliable registry cleaner and use it to repair msvbvm50.dll errors.

Invalid Page Fault Error – Kernel32.dll Error Fix

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Kernel32.dll errors are one of the nastiest Windows errors out there. A faulty kernel32.dll can cause all sorts of PC problems, such as crashes and even frequent BSODs (Blue Screens of Death errors). “Invalid page fault error” is the most common kernel32.dll error. In this post I’m going to show you a kernel32.dll error fix that really works. (more…)

How to Fix advapi32.dll Errors – advapi32.dll Not Found

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Advapi32.dll is Advanced Windows 32 Base API. This file is responsible for providing access to advanced Windows kernel functionality. This dll file works on 32-bit Windows systems and is responsible for core Windows functions like the Windows registry, starting, stopping and creating Windows services, managing user accounts and even restarting and shutting down your computer. (more…)

Recommended DLL Repair:

Fix Your DLL Errors With A DLL Repair Tool

Use A DLL Repair Tool To Fix Your PC

Most DLL errors are caused by the "registry database" of Windows.
This is a storage facility for all the files, settings and options that Windows uses to help it run. The problem is that there is a large list of DLL files your software uses to run - this list is highly important but is continually being damaged, causing the errors you're seeing. You can easily fix this problem by using a "registry cleaner" program to repair any registry errors your system has.