“comdlg32.dll Cannot Start” Error Fix – How To Fix comdlg32.dll Errors On Your PC

comdlg32.dll is a file used by Windows to help your computer open up the “common dialog boxes” which help your PC perform the likes of “File Opening” and other procedures which need to use a pop-over box. Although this file is continually being used to help load a number of important boxes on your PC, it’s continually being saved incorrectly which will prevent your PC from being able to read it correctly, leading the errors you’re seeing to show. If you’re seeing this error, you need to make sure you can fix the various problems which cause it to show. This can be done easily by using the steps outlined in the tutorial on this page.

What Are comdlg32.dll Errors & Why Do They Show?

comdlg32.dll errors will often show in this format:

  • Error starting program. The Comctl32.dll file cannot start.
  • Error starting program. The Comdlg32.dll file cannot start.
  • Error starting program. The Shell32.dll file cannot start.
  • Error starting program. The Lz32.dll file cannot start.
  • Error starting program. The Version.dll file cannot start.
  • Error starting program. The Winmm.dll file cannot start.

The reason why this error shows is actually quite simple. The problem is that Windows has either corrupted the file & made it unreadable, or has some problem which will prevent your PC from being able to process the information from the file. To ensure that there are no errors caused by the file on your PC, you need to be able to first ensure that the file is working correctly, and that your PC is also free of any errors / possible problems that could cause the error to show.

How To Fix comdlg32.dll Errors On Your PC

Step 1 – If Using XP, Download The KB4884883 Hot Fix

The KB884883 update from Microsoft was specifically designed to help resolve the comdlg32.dll errors on Windows XP. Designed to help your computer run much smoother, it will basically allow your PC to read the files it requires in the most effective way without causing any further issues. Downloading & Installing this update will only work on Windows XP.

Step 2 – If Using Windows 98 / 95, Use The “System File Checker

Windows 98 & 95 causes the comdlg32.dll error if the file is either damaged or corrupted. To ensure that the error you’re seeing does not cause much of a problem, it’s strongly advised that you copy a replacement of the file from the “SysBackup” folder. This can be done by following the steps here:

  1. Click onto C:\Windows\SysBackup
  2. Locate the file you require:
    • Commctrl.dll for Comctl32.dll
    • Commdlg.dll for Comdlg32.dll
    • Shell.dll for shell32.dll
    • Lzexpand.dll for Lz32.dll
    • Ver.dll for Version.dll
    • Mmsystem.dll for Winmm.dll
  3. Copy the file from C:\Windows\SysBackup
  4. Paste into C:\Windows
  5. Restart Your PC

This will basically replace the damaged / corrupted file on your PC, allowing Windows to run much faster and reliably again as it is able to read it . This normally works for most people, but will often not fix the error you’re seeing if there are a number of errors on your system. If you are still seeing the error, please follow the step below to fix it:

Step 3 – Repair The Registry

One of the big causes of the comdlg32.dll errors is the way in which there are a series of mis-matched inside the registry of your system. The registry is a central database which stores all the files, settings and options that Windows uses to run. Although this part of your computer is one of the most important, it’s also a big cause of errors because of the way that Windows will often corrupt it. Not many people realize this, but the registry will continually cause a large number of DLL errors because of the way in which your computer uses a large list of DLL files to help it run. Each time you use your PC, 100’s of DLL files are being loaded with help from the registry database. If this database gets corrupted / damaged, it leads to your system showing errors like the one you’re seeing, making it highly recommended that you repair any problems inside the registry. This can be done by download a registry cleaner tool from our website.

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Most DLL errors are caused by the "registry database" of Windows.
This is a storage facility for all the files, settings and options that Windows uses to help it run. The problem is that there is a large list of DLL files your software uses to run - this list is highly important but is continually being damaged, causing the errors you're seeing. You can easily fix this problem by using a "registry cleaner" program to repair any registry errors your system has.