How To Fix physxloader.dll Errors – What Is physxloader.dll?

Physxloader.dll is a dynamic link library file, part of the Ageia PhysX driver that is used to load PhysX engines. This is a piece of software that enables enhanced graphics for many modern computer games. The Physxloader.dll is used by the Nvidia PhysX device driver and the errors typically show when you try to access games that require advanced graphics to be loaded on your screen.  You need to repair the problems surrounding the dll file to fix the error.  This tutorial will enable you to fix physxloader.dll errors on your Windows system quickly and easily.

What Causes The Physxloader.dll Error?

When this error surfaces, you can expect to see this message:

  • “The application has failed to start because PhysXloader.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

The errors are mainly caused by the Nvidia PhysX driver which is installed in your computer.  The device driver might have files or settings that have been damaged or gone missing, causing Windows to be unable to load or read the device driver properly.  The errors can also be caused by malfunctions inside the registry.  You need to repair the errors to be able to enjoy the advanced graphic features of the computer games that you want to play – which can be performed using the steps outlined below:

How To Fix The Physxloader.dll Error On Your PC

Step 1 – Uninstall the NVidia PhysX Drivers From Your System

To fix the problem, you need to remove the Nvidia PhysX drivers from your system.  You should cperform these steps:

Press Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features (if using Vista and Win7).

Wait for the program list to be populated and then select the Nvidia PhysX driver.

Click the “Remove” or “Uninstall” button and follow the uninstall wizard.

When prompted, include the “Nvidia Game System Software 2.8.1” in the un-installation process.

Reboot your computer after removing the driver.

Step 2 – Run Driver Sweeper

Most of the time, when you uninstall a certain device driver, some settings are still stored inside the registry and these will still be read by your operating system if they are not cleaned up.  You need to remove them completely by downloading a program called “Driver Sweeper” and installing it onto your computer.  Using Driver Sweeper will get rid of any last remnants of the driver and will permit you to re-install a fresh PhysX driver onto your computer system.

Step 3 – Re-Install The PhysX Driver From Nvidia

After ensuring that you have removed all parts of the old Nvidia PhysX driver, download and install the latest device driver from Nvidia.  Here’s how you can do this:

  • Download “PhysX 8.10.13 System Software executable” from the Internet or through the link.
  • Save the application onto your hard drive.
  • Run the file installer from your hard drive.  For Vista and Windows 7 systems, right-click on the file and click “Run as Administrator” to install the file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Reboot your computer when done.

This process should provide a fresh device driver for your Nvidia device and will in most cases prevent the error from showing.  However, if the error messages persist, proceed to the next step.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

The computer registry is a big cause of physxloader.dll errors in your computer as well as numerous other problems such as your computer running slowly and many other kinds of crashes.  The registry acts as a large central database that stores the necessary options and settings for every file and program in your system.

The different settings enable Windows to remember how to load and run the files and programs properly and as such is critical to the performance of your operating system.  However, errors continually appear inside the registry, due to the way in which Windows loads and saves multiple registry keys at the same time. This sometimes causes confusion, and leads to damaged or corrupted registry keys.  You need to maintain the registry from time to time to be able to remove the physxloader.dll errors in your system. This can be achieved by using a registry cleaner, a program that can perform a complete system scan and repair the errors inside the registry.

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