Invalid Page Fault Error – Kernel32.dll Error Fix

Kernel32.dll errors are one of the nastiest Windows errors out there. A faulty kernel32.dll can cause all sorts of PC problems, such as crashes and even frequent BSODs (Blue Screens of Death errors). “Invalid page fault error” is the most common kernel32.dll error. In this post I’m going to show you a kernel32.dll error fix that really works.

But first of all let’s learn what kernel32.dll is and what it does on your computer.

Kernel32.dll is a 32-bit dynamic link library utilized by the Windows operating system. This module is central for Windows, as it contains the core operating system processes. Kernel32.dll is responsible for memory management, interruptions and input/output operations. The kernel32.dll file is loaded into a protective memory space on Windows boot and this space can’t be taken over by any other programs. In addition to performing operating system functions, kernel32.dll accommodates third-party applications.

Kernel32.dll errors, especially the “Invalid page fault errors”, usually happen when other programs and processes attempt to access the memory space occupied by kernel32.dll.  This error can be called by single applications as well as by combinations of different programs and processes. Here is how you can apply a kernel32.dll fix.

Unload the memory

The first thing you should do when you experience a kernel32.dll error is to unload the memory and free up the memory space needed by the kernel32.dll file. To do that, you’ll need to identify the applications that are eating up your RAM. It’s pretty easy to do that – all you need to do is open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then go to the processes tab and click on the RAM column heading twice to sort the processes that use up the most of RAM. Check which application is running the process by going to Properties. If the application is safe to disable, close it. This should fix kernel32.exe error.

Update your software

Sometimes the “Invalid page fault error” occurs because a certain application has a memory leak. To fix it, you’ll need to check if there is a patch for the application in question. If there is, apply the update. Most likely it will fix the kernel32.dll error.

Apply a kernel32.dll fix

Very often the kernel32.dll error is caused by a corrupted Windows registry. This happens when a software uninstall or update messes up some settings in the registry. Use reliable registry repair software to apply a kernel32.dll fix and get rid of the kernel32.dll error for good.

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Most DLL errors are caused by the "registry database" of Windows.
This is a storage facility for all the files, settings and options that Windows uses to help it run. The problem is that there is a large list of DLL files your software uses to run - this list is highly important but is continually being damaged, causing the errors you're seeing. You can easily fix this problem by using a "registry cleaner" program to repair any registry errors your system has.