“Rapi.dll Not Found” Errors Fix – How to Repair Rapi.dll Errors On Windows ActiveSync

Rapi.dll Error

rapi.dll is a file used by the “Mobile Device Remote Application Programming Interface” (RAPI) function inside Windows to help control the “ActiveSync” application. ActiveSync is a program included in Windows by Microsoft, and is used to help maintain the settings, options and files across various Windows devices when you “sync” them. Although the rapi.dll file is extremely important on your computer, the problem many people are now facing that it’s continually causing a large number of errors which need to be fixed in order to get your PC working correctly again. This tutorial is going to show you exactly how to fix rapi.dll errors on your PC in the most effective & reliable way.

What Are rapi.dll Errors & Why Do They Show?

rapi.dll errors are caused by either your computer damaging the file, or not having the correct settings / features to properly use the file in the way it was intended. The errors which the file causes are normally shown like this:

  • “rapi.dll Not Found”
  • “This application failed to start because rapi.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
  • “Cannot find rapi.dll”
  • “The file rapi.dll is missing.”
  • “Cannot start Mobile Device Remote API. A required component is missing: rapi.dll. Please install the application again.”

The way to fix the rapi.dll errors on your PC is to first make sure that your computer is running with all the possible updates from Microsoft (as there may be a bug which your computer might be suffering from). On top of that, it’s also recommended that you re-register the file on your PC, as well as clean out the registry of Windows as well.

How To Fix rapi.dll Errors

Step 1 – Update Windows

Since rapi.dll is a crucial Windows file, the best way to begin to fix the error is to update your system. This can be done in two ways, which are detailed below:

You can update online

You can update with “Windows Update”

  • Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update
  • Download all the updates your computer needs
  • Install the updates
  • Restart your PC

This will provide Windows with all the files, settings and options which your computer will use to help it run. Microsoft are continually releasing new versions of Windows to help improve various problems, as well as fix a variety of errors on your PC. Since fltlib.dll is not put onto your system through a third party program, it’s best to fix any of the errors it has by updating your system through the Windows Update procedure.

Step 2 – Locate & Re-Register The File

One of the main reasons why rapi.dll will be unusable on your system is that it’s either not on your PC any more, or has “un-registered” itself by accident. Every DLL file on your PC needs to be registered with the registry database in order to allow Windows to read all the files it requires to run. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that many of the registered files will either become damaged or corrupted, leading your PC to show the errors you’re seeing. To fix this problem, you need to perform the following steps:

You first need to “locate” the file on your PC

  • Click “Start
  • Click “Search” & select “All Files & Folders”
  • Search for “Rapi.dll
  • If the file is in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, move to re-register the file
  • If the file is in a different location, copy it to the C:\Windows\System32 folder
  • If the file is missing completely, you should download a new copy (use “Step 3“)

Re-Register The rapi.dll File

  • Click “Start” > “Run”
  • Type “CMD” into the box & press Enter
  • When command prompt loads, type the following:
  • regsvr32 -u rapi.dll
  • Press Enter
  • regsvr32 rapi.dll
  • Press Enter

This should allow the file to be read correctly in the right location on your PC. Although this method should work for most people, if it does not resolve your problem, you should then look to manually replace the file to ensure it’s not damaged or broken.

Step 3 – Manually Replace fltlib.dll On Your PC

If you still get the error after reinstalling the software on your system, it suggests you have a problem with the rapi.dll file itself. You may wish to then try this procedure to replace the file & correct the issue on your PC:

1) Download rapi.dll.zip from our server

2) Unzip the rapi.dll file onto your computer’s hard drive

3) Locate the current rapi.dll on your system

(will likely be in C:\Windows\System32)

4) Rename the current rapi.dll to rapiBACKUP.dll

5) Copy & paste the new fltlib.dll into C:\Windows\System32

6) Click Start > Run (Or search”run” on Vista & Win7)

7 ) Type “cmd” in the box that appears

8 ) Type “regsvr32 -u rapi.dll” on the black screen & Press Enter

9) Type “regsvr32 rapi.dll” on the black screen

10) Press enter

This will basically replace the rapi.dll file on your system, which should correct any issues the file may have developed on your PC. This generally works to fix most cases of DLL errors, but may not work for you.

Step 4 – Clean Out The “Registry”

One of the main causes of rapi.dll errors is actually Windows itself… and more specifically, a central part of Windows called the “registry”. This is a database which stores all the settings and options which Windows uses to run, and is the place where the likes of your desktop wallpaper, latest emails and login details are stored. Although the registry is easily one of the most important parts of the Windows system, it’s also the main cause of a lot of DLL errors on your PC. The problem is that the registry contains a large list of DLL files which all your software uses to run (that’s why you need to “register” a dll on your computer in order for it to be usable). The list of DLL files on your PC may be extremely important, but is continually getting damaged – leading your computer to run much slower and with a lot of errors as a result. In order to fix this problem, it’s recommended you use a “registry cleaner” tool to scan through your system and fix any potential registry errors which are leading the steam.dll error to show. This should stop the rapi.dll error on your PC and prevent any further errors from occurring.

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Most DLL errors are caused by the "registry database" of Windows.
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