How To Fix Webkit.dll Errors – Steps To Repair The “Webkit.dll Not Found” Error On Your PC

Webkit.dll (Dymanic Library Link) is a file that has been created by the Apple company, and is used by Safari and iTunes  to help them connect to the Internet. Also this file is extremely important, many users report seeing errors relating to it during the start-up process of Windows, or when using Apple software such as Safari or iTunes. The errors you’re seeing will either show after Windows loads, or when you try and use various pieces of Apple software on your PC.

What Causes The webkit.dll Error?

Webkit.dll errors will either appear during the startup process of Windows Vista or whilst loading Apple software applications such as iTunes and Safari. The errors you’re seeing will either be caused by your computer being unable to correctly load up the file, the file being out of date or your computer not having the updates it requires to run the software which requires the file.

Some of the typical problems that cause the webkit.dll errors are as follows:

  • The webkit.dll file appears to be missing
  • Webkit.dll file has been moved or misplaced
  • Your registry may have some errors
  • You have installed Apple software incorrectly

The errors you are seeing are caused because your computer is trying to locate the file but it either cannot find it or process it. You can fix this error by following the steps that are located below. These steps will show you how to first fix any potential software errors that are causing the problems on your PC, as well as any further errors that Windows may have.

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