What Is MSNCore.dll? MSNCore.dll Errors Fix Guide

msncore.dll (Windows Live Client Code Module) is a component from the Microsoft CoreXT program – and is used to help your computer to properly process all the settings that it requires to run the MSN Live client. Such functions as your latest files, settings & other important options are continually going to be used by this file, making it vital that you’re able to repair any potential errors that the file has – a process that can be achieved by using the steps outlined on this page.

What Causes MSNCore.dll Errors?

The errors caused by MSNCore.dll are pretty typical of DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files, in that the file will continually become corrupted, damaged or infected. The errors that MSNCore.dll will typically cause include:

  • “msncore.dll Not Found”
  • “This application failed to start because msncore.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
  • “Cannot find C:\Program Files\windows live mail desktop\msncore.dll”
  • “The file msncore.dll is missing.”
  • “Cannot start Windows Live Messenger. A required component is missing: msncore.dll. Please install the application again.”

The way to resolve this error is to first re-install the Windows Live Messenger application (which uses msncore.dll), and then use the likes of a program or setting that is going to help your computer run as smoothly as possible again. It’s recommended that you also use a registry cleaner to scan through your PC and fix any of the possible problems that your computer could have inside, which can be done by using the steps here:

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Most DLL errors are caused by the "registry database" of Windows.
This is a storage facility for all the files, settings and options that Windows uses to help it run. The problem is that there is a large list of DLL files your software uses to run - this list is highly important but is continually being damaged, causing the errors you're seeing. You can easily fix this problem by using a "registry cleaner" program to repair any registry errors your system has.